what to wear where: town meeting

Technically, of course, the gathering was not a town meeting, it was a meeting of the not-for-profit-and-non-governmental Village Association that supports not only our Small Incorporated Village but also gives parties on holidays of national significance. The occasion was our Mayor's annual State of the Village report, and further blurring the line between government and NGO, it took place in the courtroom, which is adjacent to the Police Station but has a separate entrance. Latecomers have to sit in the jury box. About 150 adults attended, because this is where you learn the latest with the local property taxes and the deer population. As expected, one's going up, the other's going down, and please patronize local merchants. Well, I'm glad that's settled. 
Now for the Style Report. Theme of the Party: country club casual with municipal overtones. For those who don't regularly attend events at which local officials may discuss tax-related matters, "municipal overtones" means "I can't pay more taxes, look how worn-out and faded my clothes are! Even the golf tee in that silly loop on my old but neatly-pressed pants was Grampy's." Pink crew neck sweaters (cotton) predominated, 2 to 1 on women, mostly cabled, followed by navy crew neck sweaters (cotton), 3 to 1 on men, some cabled. 

Shirts: oxford, button-down collar, pale blue, pale pink, some with thin pale pink stripes. A few madras oldies (before patchwork. Well, I said "oldies," right?). Bottoms: chino slacks, chino skirts, a few white jeans. Too early in the season for madras pants, but there were a few madras skirts. This was a morning event, so no go-to-hell pants, but in case you're dying to see some, look over there.
A few polo shirts with popped collars, in pinks, and surprisingly, a few in maroon. 
I'm sure you're dying to hear about my outfit. Truly nothing special, white jeans, pale blue chambray shirt (old), huarache wedges. As usual, the wicker basket purse I starved to get in 10th grade and have carefully preserved for decades drew admiring remarks. Actually I think I'm getting too old for this to be an ironic accessory. On the other hand, if ya buy good, it lasts. So there.


  1. "I can't pay more taxes..." that was funny. Your outfit sounds cute. Sounds like one of my spring/summer uniforms for 2012. And your handbag still functioning after all this time, weren't those the days...

  2. This sounds like an episode of "Gilmore Girls"! Too funny! Love the new drawing at the top!

  3. Hi, Gigi, it's the prep-i-fied example of that well-known principle that you should never wear a mink coat to an IRS audit.

  4. Hi, WMM, thanks! These gatherings are actually more old-style prep than old-age, you dress like you had better things on your mind even when you quite obviously don't.


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