not the boys I want to borrow from - that inbox again

fair's fair, the jacket's actually cute, I don't know why anyone, boy or girl, would want to wear something that poufs over the tummy but taste is individual, but "borrowed.....?" please.

on the other hand, I'd borrow this from the girls in a minute. Really. It's from Target, and the price is right. The girls' sizes 12 or 14-16 would fit many of us so-called adults. It's synthetic, but as a cardi over something else? works for me.


  1. I'm betting no guy would want to borrow from the girls. :D

  2. Hi, Rose, may the odds be in your favor. Or words to that effect.

  3. I borrow from the boys and girls all the time. Pouf over the tummy ... they wouldn't be trying for a guy's beer belly, would they?

  4. Hi, tiffany rose, you've solved the mystery!


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