summer memories

Funny what triggers a memory... . No, I wasn't dipping cookies in weak tea, but after seeing little anchors everywhere, I went over to the treasure chest and took this out. I still love it.

Ye Olde J.Crew
(not distress signals)
And that was a great summer, friends who've split were still together, the "old dears" who loved to share their memories still had them, aches and pains (the back! the feet! the right sinus!) and hurricanes were still to come.

What little trinkets set off memories for you?


  1. As we have been de-cluttering, stuff found in kids' closets have triggered memories. Silly toys, stuffed animals won at fairs, and crinkled photos of old friends. Dear friends of ours are in town this week - we haven't seen them in years. The adults can pick up right where we left off, the kids (teens) can't recall their childhood friendships. They are all really good kids so watching them work out the kinks and find common ground again is sweet-so we are making new memories.

  2. Hi, JulieStyles, old photos are the best! Funny, other people's kids never age in my mind, I always think of them as still at the age when I first met them or their parents. I'm continually shocked to learn that the little toddler with her hair in bunches is applying to college, or the sixth grader who wouldn't do what he was told is a commissioned Army officer.

  3. For her 21st birthday my eldest sister received a gold moon brooch with two silver stars hanging from delicate silver chains. The moon is a crescent with a face and small diamond eye. I always admired it and a few years ago it became mine. Whenever I look at it I am transported back to my teen years and remember my older sisters seeming so grown up and elegant while I felt a gangly, gawky mess. I was the youngest and my sisters used to tease me often. I hated it then but I miss it now.

  4. How lovely to have a tangible memory of a beloved sister.


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