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Sunday morning is a time for procrastinating in our house, there are people we should be calling, articles we should be reading, plants we should be rebuking, dinners and trips to plan...  and yet, when I should be improving the shining hour, the results of random clicks have a wicked and tempting appeal. And this morning, feeling guilty about a vague sense of disappointment that the dramatic weather passed us by -- wouldn't you like to see a tornado? just once? aren't you just a little curious?  of course, once seen, it should fizzle out harmlessly, but still -- anyway, I was looking for pictures of the tornadoes that hit places a little west of us, and came up with that Lifestyle Tornado, Miss GP, wearing a jacket that looked familiar.
Last Spring, a picture of our heroine, role model and Best Friend Forever, Gwyneth Paltrow, wearing a woolen jacket from J.Crew, was circulating. The World's Greatest Expert on Everything That Money Can Buy was getting off a plane, effortlessly wheeling an apparently weightless suitcase. My guess was that someone had steam-pressed the jacket for her before she started to get off the plane, because trust me, the majority of  J.Crew jackets suffer from fear of flying.

I have a version of this jacket in Piped Linen (bydand!), and I love my jacket so much that even the fact that a late adapter was seen in the woolen version hasn't spoiled it for me. I believe it's safe to continue to wear my jacket in a world of Gwynnie-mockers because, unlike TWGEETMCB, I wear things more than once or twice. I also believe that those who seek styling advice from TWGEETMCB may lack the fashion savvy to connect the linen version to the wool version in a different color, so I am safe from having to deal with comments about TWGEETMCB, positive or negative. And yet, and yet....

 TWGEETMCB really likes piping on jackets. This clip from SheFinds.com (above, at least I hope it's above on your screen) shows TWGEETMCB effortlessly reclining on a stairway, wearing the exclusive result of a collaboration between GOOP and rag & bone.

lining of my sleeve
(after alteration)
lining of GOOP sleeve
Ordinarily the fact that more than one manufacturer has thought of making a jacket, even a jacket with piping, wouldn't surprise me. This one, however, priced at $495, struck me as more than coincidence. In case you didn't notice the coincidental details, TWGEETMCB makes it easy for you by describing the jacket as "a grown-up take on the school jacket... ."

I've seen any number of J.Crew pieces that are so eerily like those produced by manufacturers aiming at higher price points, that the JC knock-offs versions no longer annoy me, and frankly, some are actually nicer than the originals. I shrug. There are bright plaids all over the place this fall, some shaggy, some satiny, some vintage, and I love the JC Collection blouse that I bought the other day. In olden times it would have been called a "suit blouse." In fact, it might fill in the gaps on this vintage number that I saw on Etsy. Sadly, while I was trying to translate sizes into Moi, it vanished.

So, anyway, back to TWGEETMCB and the interesting thought that someone has done an overpriced knockoff of J.Crew. What I think? It's Karma.


  1. Hey Fred, I don't know if you received the Deco Darling e-mail with the cardholder code, but you should know that the CWFS is at it again: I'm not sure how Bakelite could have been "loved by early 19th century jewelers for its beauty and durability," because it wasn't invented until 1907!

    As for Gwynnie, I adored her in "Mr. Ripley" but otherwise want to smack her.

    1. Mad giggling on this end!

  2. and me hoping the blue moon effects were over. Thanks, Hex. And thank you for summing up Gwynnie so perfectly.

  3. They hang your jackets and coats in a closet for the duration of the flight when you're sitting up front, it helps to keep them from getting all wrinkled, or worse, stained with all the free food and drinks. Now if they would only issue a full-length bib I might disembark looking so polished.

    I had a similar jacket as part of my school uniform in navy with white piping. They have been around forever and seem to be really popular again this fall. The R&B version looks quite nice, I especially like how the hem piping doesn't end at the front like my Lexington. I almost returned it for that reason but in the end I felt I needed a gray blazer so it stayed. I'm steaming up a storm getting ready for fall.

    1. Agree with you about the piping. The JC version always bothered me because of that. It seemed like they never finished it. JMO, of course.

    2. And of course there's always the possibility that the JC piping shortage is a cost-cutting measure. Untold hundreds of thousands must have been saved. Economy of scale, that is.

  4. Oh, I absolutely agree about the piping. And it's clearly not an original idea. I was struck, however, by the coincidence of the "collection" - jacket, jeans, and, uh, something - showing up so soon after TWGEETMCB appeared in a similar outfit that she hadn't "collected."

    As for the famous up-front closet - ask my suede jacket that was hung next to the wet coat of Someone Important. Ask my nice RL blazer that picked up the scent of an aftershave strong enough to cause one to suspect imminent martyrdom. Ask my Burberry trench that came back to me without a belt. Now my clothes get folded, carefully, into overheads that I can watch, and the offer of the closet is declined with "Oh, I'm sure you really have others who need the space more." If it looks like the overhead is going to be a bad choice, for instance, here come someone's reeking lunches for the next 72 hours, I regroup. The closet may be the best choice after all.

    1. And if all else fails there is usually a little coat hook on the back of the seat in front of you. Unfortunately I dumped a drink in that direction when I last used it. You just can't take me anywhere.

  5. Replies
    1. OH.MY.GOD! I just got your aftershave comment. Bahahaha! I will be laughing all day one that one. I'm literally in tears!

    2. and not a moment too soon, all things considered.

  6. Hi Fred, sorry, late to the party here. I am glad to hear that Ms P is able to continue her shameless self promotion by ripping off, ooops, er collaborating with the power fashion house of Rag and Bone coming up with yet another overpriced(surprise!) knockoff. Maybe that is the root of the malaise afflicting "fashion for the masses- the heads of retail have decided rather than hire a young unknown designer who may have some original ideas(but like all other employers, they will have to shell out bucks for health insurance, or pay the penalty) so they decide instead to take the easier route and "collaborate" with a celeb eager to get their name and face out there because their career is in park. Ms P reminds me of someone who thought she was popular in seventh grade and has never gotten over it. Well, that's quite enough snark. Fred, how is Himself doing? How are you doing with Himself? I had a rather sad encounter with the doctor last week-he told me I either had to start taking a cholesterol lowering medication or go hard core on the low cholesterol diet. I did not tell him my five basic food groups consist of (1)butter (2)cream (3)chocolate (4)blueberries and (5)macaroni and cheese. I thought I could explain how this could possibly up-end my existence, but I could tell just looking at Mr Men's Health(the short version) that my pleas would gain no traction. So, dear Fred, when you come back from your junket abroad, please elaborate to the fullest on all the goodies ye did partake. Have well pressed day!

  7. Hi, David, you know you're always welcome here! And I just luuuuv me a good snark!

    Cholesterol meds, well, that's something we've just learned to live with. The physicians I know socially seem to think that whether or not you actually need the statin depends on many factors, not just the cholesterol number, but also general health, blood pressure, heart condition, weight, activity level, etc. The doctors I actually "doctor with" are nervous about their insurance, isn't everyone these days, so they prescribe the pill. However, the latest thinking seems to be that after you get the situation stabilized, and find a pill you can live with, you can go down to three, two or even just one pill a week. Butter, cream, chocolate, BBQ, and good healthy red meat in this house, although we do have fish at least once or twice a week, not because it's healthy but because we like it! wonderful with hollandaise sauce, beurre blanc... And always remember these wonderful words from Woody Allen's Sleeper:

    Dr. Melik: This morning for breakfast he requested something called "wheat germ, organic honey and tiger's milk."
    Dr. Aragon: Oh, yes. Those are the charmed substances that some years ago were thought to contain life-preserving properties.
    Dr. Melik: You mean there was no deep fat? No steak or cream pies or... hot fudge?
    Dr. Aragon: Those were thought to be unhealthy... precisely the opposite of what we now know to be true.
    Dr. Melik: Incredible.

  8. Thanks Fred-a good laugh is the best medicine and it makes the Hershey with Almonds I'm eating taste even better!

  9. You've reminded me - I need a good jacket to wear, piping or no piping - just a decent tailored thing. I have recently found a brand of trousers/jeans that fit me perfectly so need jackets/tops to do them justice. Brand is Dranella. Lovely in the bum area!

  10. I finally found Dranella! Looks promising, planning to be in UK later this fall and will track it down, thanks for the tip!


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