what's the most precious thing you have?

and have you registered? Just asking.

In quite a few states, there's not much time left to register.
But you can do it.
You get up early for sales and promos, right?


  1. Agreed! Registered since the day I turned 18 and vote absentee - which IMHO is so much easier.

  2. Yes, for goodness sakes! We Canadians automatically get registered, so isn't an issue, but we care about your elections so vote, vote, vote!

  3. Yes, of course but I agree, VOTE!!!!
    Glad you posted this, we mostly blab about silly stuff but this is so important.

  4. Please do this. There aren't any incompletes or make ups allowed. Women have fought so hard for this right, please don't take it lightly. Thanks, WFF.

  5. We moved and I recently re-registered to ensure there are no ballot issues for me.

    Link to voter registration. Google your state + voter address change if you need to update.

    Thanks WFF!

  6. Okay - a couple of questions from a curious canuck:

    1) when you register do you have to register as dem, republican or independent?
    2) do you have to re-register ever 4 years?
    3) is it true that registering has become more difficult or is that just the media?

    1. In California, you must be registered 15 days before the election!


      I do not know how to do links, but for my California bloggy friends, there is the link to the Secretary of State's FAQs on voting!

  7. Thank you for you interest, WMM!

    You can register at any time - you must be registered 25 days before an election to vote in it, and there are registration drives on college campuses every fall.

    You may register with or without a party affiliation. But to vote in primary elections, where the parties choose their candidates, you need to have registered an affiliation. There's no big ceremony to declaring an affiliation, you just check a box on the form, and you can change it at any time. I hold the opinion that, at least within the City and County of New York, the primaries are the key elections, so I have checked a box. Primaries are generally held in early spring, and in presidential election years are where delegates to a party's nominating convention are chosen.

    If you move, that is if your address changes, whether it's down the block or to another state, you must reregister.

    In some states there is a movement to tighten registration requirements, which would effectively disenfranchise many. In the state of New York, you need to be over 18, a resident of the district in which you're registering (they help you figure it out), not a convicted felon, and above room temperature.

    VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN, as the founder of the clan was fond of saying!

  8. Thanks WFF! We can't get enough reminders.It's going to be such a tight race so each vote really will count.

    My eldest in college is old enough to vote fro the first time this November, very exciting. I was relieved to here that volunteers are everywhere on campus helping them register or instructing them on how to get their absentee ballots.

  9. Thanks All! So interesting to those of us non-Americans! I take your elections VERY seriously! Grear information!

  10. Well said Fred - Voting is a more important milestone than reaching the age to drive or drink - something we take for granted in this country despite our recent history of disenfranchising those who are not white males.
    From The Breakfast Club-
    Andrew : This is the worst fake I.D. I've ever seen. You realize you made yourself sixty-eight.
    Brian: Oh, I know, I know. I goofed it.
    Andrew : What do you need a fake I.D. for?
    Brian : So I can vote!


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