the most important thing... and a preview of Christmas dinner

I don't want anyone to think I'm not thankful for the blessings in my life. 
Of course I am.
I would prefer not to have been blessed with those Last Five Pounds.
 But there's one thing for which we should all be wishing:

and of course this is the time of year when we wrap up 
those very efficient holiday plans we began
at last January's wrapping paper sales.
Like planning the menu for 

Also high on the list in the Gratitude/Thankfulness Department, 
I had an email from delightful reader Caitlin, 
who, with me, is still puzzling over the intrinsic meaning 
of this entry from the Madewell site:

Quite possibly the Copywriter From Space has been trying to learn the English words for different kinds of fabric!
Thanks, Caitlin!
And by the way, don't forget to enter our little giveaway - cool stocking stuffers!
A very little giveaway, but a giveaway nonetheless. Up for grabs are a Liberty Of London cotton print handkerchief, still wrapped on its cellophane envelope, which I bought at the original Liberty store on Regent Street, London, and

from Provence, the kind of little pottery dish that turns up everywhere. Remember Eeyore's present? A useful box to keep things in? Well, if Eeyore were French, this would be his dish. You see them on tables holding a few olives and toothpicks, or some salted nuts, or some olive oil, you see them on ledges holding tea light candles, the point is that it's a useful little dish.

The dish doesn't have a handle, it's leaning on a pen so you can see it better.

This event is only open to public followers of this blog. Anonymous entries will not be accepted.
To enter:
(1) be a public follower
(2) sign in under your Blogger I.D. and leave a comment (please include your email address if your email is not on your Blogger profile or blog).
Earn extra entries by doing any one or more of the following!
(+1) follow on Twitter @wellfedfred
(+1) mention this giveaway on your blog (include a link to your blog in your comment if you do this).

After a lot of thought, and grimly filling out a few customs declarations, I realized it's too risky to send the dish abroad. So, if the first randomly chosen winner is not in the continental US, she or he will get the hankie, and the next randomly chosen US resident will get the dish. 
The giveaway will end on November 29, 2012. Good luck!


  1. Fred I would love to enter your giveaway even though I am international. Those little dishes remind me of olives and cold glasses of sauvignon blanc, mmm yummy!
    The CFS is going to galaxies further and further away! That's hilarious!!

  2. Hi, Dani, of course you should enter! The hankie can go anywhere, I'm just worried about the dish. Possibly overcautious?

    The CFS can go anywhere, she apparently has Powers about which we were in ignorance. More thought required.

  3. I'm thinking this may not be open to US readers...the liberty cover reminds me of a sweet skirt my daughter just bought. Yes I know what you mean about being "Blessed" I have been very enriched by extra lines this year

  4. ok, I was unclear - go ahead and tell the copywriter from space on me!

    The giveaway is open to EVERYONE

    BUT if a non-US reader wins, she/he only gets the hankie, and the next US reader gets the dish.

    Ah, yes, the extra lines... I had a little skin thing removed by a cosmetic surgeon, it was in a difficult location so I wanted to be extra careful, and now I'm on his list for self-improvement (by him) newsletters. I'm thrilled with the way I didn't scar, but that's as far as it's going to go.

  5. Of course I'm a follower and meant to enter. I'm ALWAYS late with my good intentions, it seems (post to come, if not too late).

    Thanks for these thoughtful stocking stuffers for your giveaway.

  6. Hi, tr, this is getting to be fun!

  7. How many beans? Great Sgt. Philco clip!

    I actually do not know if I am a follower. being a total non-techie. I do follow but perhaps that does not a follower make? If I need to do something to become one, let me know. I can email you my email address. This is worse than the CFS, I know.

  8. Hi, Lane, I can't serve franks-n-beans without thinking of this, it was a favorite of my dad's!

    So the way to become a follower, at least for now, is to click where it says "join this site" above the cute little icons of the other followers. Clicking will get you directions.

    I just checked to see if this still works, and learned that the PTB at Google are going to do something else in March. Just got the giveaway going in time!

  9. Hi Fred-Love your clips, in desperate need of a few guffaws today. Now the CFS has a face, Rosie the maid in the Jetson's cartoon! There was one episode when she fell in love with another robot and all her sprockets and springs started falling out and complete gibberish came out of her mouth. So sad that I can remember this and not what time my granddaughter's dance recital begins.

    1. Here's the episode in question, WFF. Now I'll never be able to watch it the same way:

  10. Hi, David, glad you enjoyed! I looked for Rosie on YouTube, so far no luck, but you're certainly describing our friend the CFS exactly. Sounds like that might be the next critter tee?

    1. WFF, at one point I thought I'd make Rosie my icon pic so I know exactly what she looks like. Try google instead of YouTube, search for Rosie the Robot. She would be really cute for a critter sweater but too complicated for JC's design team to produce cost effectively.

    2. I am cracking up, that is exactly how I imagine the copywriter. Here you go, Rosey is at the WB (fast forward a bit):

  11. I thought I already entered... hmmm! My mind is failing me. I love it when they put descriptions for multiple products on one product page. Makes me laugh every time.

    1. Maybe we're not the only ones doing comic relief?

  12. I love extended deadlines almost as much as I love Liberty prints -- they are simply irresistible. Please enter me in this giveaway! And (gasp) I am now public. No more hiding my love of your blog in my RSS feed. Thank you, Fred. And oh yeah, world peace!

    1. and world peace back atcha, Lolo, and welcome!

  13. WFF, love your blog and your wonderful sense of humor.

    1. Oh and please enter me in the giveaway, please,


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