New Orleans, Jazzfest, incommunicada, grumpy...

We arrived in New Orleans last night, after a not fun trip. We had to change planes in Chicago - this was planned, and because one is no longer allowed to get up and exercise during a flight, so the change is a chance to walk around and get a snack. However, we spent an extra two hours at Midway because the new plane was having "computer issues." After two gate changes so that other flights could leave, they announced that the pilot had decided he could fly without the computer after all, and boarded the flight. In all the stampeding around, my iPhone vanished. I am not happy. Told Himself that even the Oakland Cat Video Festival would not be worth losing the inconvenience and aggravation of losing my iPhone. I have no intention of schlepping the iPad from tent to tent to stage to bleachers.

Dinner with family late last night, the tastebuds are happy to be here. The feet are still deciding. It rained heavily here yesterday, so we've been warned to wear rubber boots or flips out to the Fairgrounds today. In its other life, the Fairgrounds (Jazzfest venue) is a racetrack, and while a muddy track may be of professional interest to gamblers, walking through mud where horses have been holds little appeal for music lovers.

Well, another cup of coffee or three, and I'll be ready to start the day by seeing what kind of mood has struck my hair today. I am not looking forward to the noises I expect to make when I look in the mirror, and neither is my hair. See, if the electrical implements of hair torture and chemical weapons of minor destruction had gone missing, I'm in a great town to replace them. Oh, the variety is as infinite as the definitions of beauty. Apple products? not so much.


  1. What a pain to lose your Iphone! I dragged MLane to New Orleans last year for his first time when I had a meeting there ; he was totally charmed. I remember a lovely street performance by The Smoking Time Jazz Club-- young woman singer and couple dancing came with the horns etc. Have a beignet for us (sp?).

  2. One of my wish list destinations for when we will travel w/out kids is New Orleans. We have never been, but it seems like a better trip with just adults-food, music and cocktails - have fun. Sorry about your phone...uggh...not fun at all.

  3. Sorry you lost your phone! Hope the rest of the trip is fun though!

  4. Losing my iPhone is among my nightmare scenarios, topped only by death or maiming of my person. Hope your hair behaves and that things improve. Are you camping?


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