annual feature: toting up the loot and tribute

from Loehmann's - discount
this and the following 3 cakes are
from Black Hound Bakery.
from Anthropologie - discount
from Banana Republic - discount
from Sephora - mascara and highlighter set
from Shu Uemura - triple eyeshadow set
from Bendel's - discount
from Macy's - free shipping offer
from Godiva - discount
from Zabar's - discount
random delicious-looking shot
via Google. 
from Pilates studio - free private session
from Vidal Sassoon - discount
from Bliss Spa - complicated but well-meant offer

oh, come on, J.Crew - would it kill you?
radio silence from Madewell, too.


  1. Mickey is just toying with you!

    1. it's gone on too long and too consistently for that.

    2. oooh - an actual campaign of terror. I love it - so evil!

  2. Happy birthday from one Leo to another! I got the Anthro discount postcard in the mail as wall and I last purchased from them in early 2011. I can't believe that JC can't manage to come up with something (but then again, given their past with data and technology...)

    1. Happy Birthday, silver_lining!

      with all the recent promos to hold on to market share, you'd think that something like this would be a slamdunk, which is why I do these posts.

      I did have my hopes up for a minute when an envelope from Bulgari arrived, but then I realized I've never ever bought anything from them. Of course there had been a misdelivery.

  3. You are having a birthday? Hope it's a good one, WFF!

    Maybe a Back-To-School one soon.

  4. Uh-oh. My bday is next month and I am trying to be good. You are right...the promotions are killing me and now a birthday discount. Ugh.

    1. Well, they won't go to waste - there Re 3 family birthdays coming up in September!

  5. I got mostly discount offers from the independent bookstores I frequent which can least afford these gifts. I love visiting Bendel's.

    1. Happy Birthday, Lane! I forgot, I also got a nice coupon from Alibris!

  6. Happy Birthday! Don't you just love all of the birthday freebies and discounts? Makes getting a year older a little easier!

  7. a year older? who said anything about that?


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