here a nit, there a nit

from today's browsing:

Tsk, tsk.


  1. Which nit are we picking? Or are we picking the whole nit-and-kaboodle idea that Jenna discovered these items just like Al Gore invented the World Wide Web?

  2. Oh, very good, I like that - that explains the disappearance of Jenna's picks. Love the idea of her out in the market with a magnifying glass and cute notebook.

    This was actually a trick question. The "Discoveries" are introduced as "our most unique" finds.

    Since "unique" means "one of a kind," there can be no such thing as "most unique." Except of course on the home planet of the Copywriter from Space.

  3. Just encouraging "more unique than thou" syndrome. Are we far from "very most unique"?

  4. I gave the whole section an eye roll and didn't read it to find the most unique. Ha, makes me crazy to hear people say things like "it's a fairly unique example" or "it's even more uniqu than ..."

    1. yes yes, I have to grit my teeth to keep from growling. "Contemporary usage" is very bad for the enamel.


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