Hallowe'en in the Big Town

doors and windows a specialty...

a creepy nest for creepy critters
a small undead person haunting a doorway
this building's residents turned the kids loose on the lobby
this was meant to be fashion but I thought it was pretty scary
and there were real pumpkins with real candles! Yay!


  1. Love the coat! Think that just came to my door! We are miserable hallowe'en celebrants. For some reason, other passes us by! But we give good Christmas!

  2. That coat...it's like animal pelts drenched in blood. I bet Anna Wintour has one in her closet...

  3. The city seemed pretty tame when I arrived last night. I guess you needed to head downtown for the parade if you wanted to be part of it all. Earlier though I did go out with my granddaughter. Running to each neighbor's house and they all give you candy, well life doesn't get a whole lot better!

  4. Was I a dingbat and just *thought* I left a comment when I did not? That coat ... as Sulky Kitten said ... I love red, I love furry but no thank you.


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