Defrosting in Key West

but planning to be back in time to make Christmas dinner.


  1. Lucky you! Have fun in the sun!

  2. Hi, Wendy, there's just something about cold weather that makes Himself act like he has to catch the last train out... so a few days ago when he announced that we had mileage and certificates, I had to agree. Thanks to my trusty iPad I've ordered all the groceries, arranged dessert, arranged to have the Christmas linens hunted up and ironed ... and our butcher Out East has a cousin who'll be coming into the city and has kindly agreed to drop off the roast. A few flourishes might be missing, but Mine Host will be smiling.

  3. Now THAT's the way to do it! Perfect idea.

    You may want to check the weather before you return and attend your dinner by Skype!


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