the wild Wild West

set the tone for the family farewell dinner. There was a learned discussion of Victorian fiction. Fortunately noone went into a decline.

I thought the family had picked a theme restaurant but state law requires that sign wherever alcohol is served.

Our next trip will be to New Orleans, where alcohol can be found without guideposts.


  1. I know the perfect guy to do your caricature in New try Cochon/Cochon's Butcher Shop.

    1. hi, BB, we actually have reservations at their other restaurant, Herbsaint. Promises to be fun. And a few other terrific spots as well.

  2. Herbsaint was the culinary highlight of my visit to NOLA in 2001.

    1. Still going strong! Donald Link has a reputation for finding talent. Naturally there are already reservations at August and Brigtsen's. And ever since City Park Catering stopped doing the Best Jambalaya Ever at the Jazzfest, we wrap up our weekends at Mother's for jambalaya and divoooon fried oysters. Plus of course we also listen to music. And drive out to Mosca's. Must stop now, drooling already.

  3. haha when we went to a town out of jackson hole the whole place was covered with artwork about the joy of firearms for kids adults and animals. Next door was firearms and firecracker store just in case you missed the message, then next door was bar with strip dancers just to complete the trifecta.Nice.


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