struggling along with February

It's snowing again, and here at Flintstone Towers I'm wrapped up in elderly cashmere and looking out at the effect of snow and drifts on the park and the nearby and not-so-nearby rooftops. The Breughels would have loved this, I think. Me, not so much.

Now for the news of the week in review. 
First, we visit the bustling metropolis of Salem, Oregon, as reported by the guardian:

Ah, there's a fashion critic worthy of the name.
I chose to share the Guardian's coverage and not that of a more local paper,
because I respect the demonstrated self-restraint of the headline writer.
Full disclosure: the owl in the picture is not the hero of the story, it's a stock photo. 
Apparently the real Heroic Barred Owl with Taste in Hats exists but is camera-shy.

We move on:

Oh, do check this out. And remember, the recipient doesn't have to be an enemy in the military sense. Imagine a world in which hundreds and hundreds of people anonymously sent GLITTER to (insert name of fashion celebrity known for not watching the store). Now there's a lovely example of the medium being the message. Because, as those of you who've crafted with small children know all too well, glitter is an instrument of the devil. It gets everywhere and is very, very, very difficult to clean up. Like, impossible. Heh, heh, heh.

On the other hand, if everyone sent glitter to a military target... See? I really am working on bringing about world peace.

And finally, this:

and only then will ye get Ye StyleBook.

And after fretting (but only a little)
because we didn't hear from Farley Quondam Bard and Minstrel
not through Yule, not at Twelfth Night, not a whisper, not a twang,
we heard from Aideen, still the Wife of Farley.
The news was not good, or, at best, perplexing.
It will have to await another post.

Hang in there, at least February is short.


  1. I can not imagine living any further north and wonder about those that do...why???

    1. This is why the rocky beaches on the Maine coast have bilingual signs welcoming Canadiens, the signs go up in Marchand come down afterThanksgiving. I asked a motel-keeper about the long season. He explained, "They think they're in the tropics."

    2. I admit it-- I fled. 4 feet of snow in 10 days.

  2. BB - I live 14 hours north of Fred and I REALLY WONDER THAT!

    I would love to get glitter! Husband, not so much, I think! There are a lot of world (dis)orders that deserve glitter. Ideally, there's the odd bit o'glue in there, too....

    1. The glitter thing is a business idea that can't fail. So jealous that I didn't think it up.

  3. Thank goodness we've had two days of 70+ weather here in the Denver area or else I'd be in a corner sobbing. I'm less tolerant of winter with each passing year.

    1. I sometimes wonder if I'm getting less tolerant of everything with each passing year.

      But no, I remain a little ray of sparkly sunshine. Plus which, there'll always be glitter.

  4. Laughing my head off over the medieval tapestry "was not a mall here??" Winter is making me crazy, today it was only -5 so a day of much rejoicing, lots of snow to trudge through, wearing so many layers I might have gained weight from all of those potato chips but truly impossible to tell, and I started looking into expeditions to the far north to see the polar bears etc... either I've become a real Canadian or gone starkers.

    1. Hi, Dani, I'm a great lover of polar bears. I collect polar bear videos the way other people have cat videos.

      At the bottom of the "tapestry" is a link to the website where you can create your very own "tapestry." enjoy!

  5. That medieval tapestry is all kinds of awesome, too funny. February is always the hardest month to get through. I just sent you a message about planning a get-together in March! Hope all is well and hope to see you soon!

    1. Hi, Louise, working on scheduling issues and will be in touch soon!

  6. haha, glitter as a weapon, brilliant! Winter is beautiful trough the window but the snow on the roads drives me crazy. With all the love for the 'change of seasons' i too would love to move to one of those House Hunters International beach paradise locations. April is the cruelest month? Nah, in the middle of February, id say bring it on baby.

    1. Hi, A! Glitter as a weapon - I agree, it's a perfect metaphor for so many kinds of social warfare, the cutting remark delivered with a charming smile, the cheerful wave when you anted a hug... and of course you can never get glitter out of your hair, your furniture, your thoughts...


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