a visit to Urban Outfitters

I had a return to bring over to Urban Outfitters today. This made me happy, because it was an excuse to visit UO and see what was new. Most of the clothes are not for me, but some are.

There is also a Housewares Department.

Why I like Urban Outfitters:

    -- when there are French words on a shirt or tank, the words are spelled correctly. Indeed, the words are even used correctly. Inspirational, n'est-ce pas?

    -- the Housewares Department is called Apartment on the UO website, but someone has had the good sense to ask the store staff to call it Housewares, so that noone has to direct customers to the Apartment Department.

    -- the Housewares Department is where they sell sage-ing sticks, crystals, and healing stones.

          And baking necessities.

Worth going outside in the slush for.


  1. Seems more like a tourist shirt for Los Angeles - thinking knowing dreaming.

    1. perhaps "knowing" should be in smaller type.

  2. We have one of these!! I've never been in it, so here is an outing!

    1. I think UO is like a quick trip to the 70's, well, to some of the 70's. Of course each store is stocked according to some kind of demographic analysis, but - still fun. And if you get a feeling that you're in a time-warped Anthro, you are - they share a corporate parent. Nevertheless, I like my store's idea of housewares. No home should be without a book of spells.

  3. They removed the Apartment Department from all of the Denver area stores and now stock only the odd pillow and trinket dish. Probably because your average Coloradan would only get excited about decor if Polarfleece was declared an upholstery material.

    1. this may change once the novelty of legalized mj wears off....


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