The Little Top of Ambiguous Colors and Fibers has arrived. The spirit of Marie Kondo has left the building.

A package arrived! The Little Top of Ambiguous Colors and Fibers is here! In the size I ordered!

Here are the details. I'm afraid that my phone snaps are not going to clear up the question of colors, but I'll try to explain.

The fabric is a thin 100% cotton knit, about the weight of the Vintage Tees, so I'll probably wear the thing over a silk cami. Well, it's snowing after all.
The sequin work is nicely done.

The colorway was described as "pewter mint burgundy." The dark sequins are the burgundy. Easy.

The mint appears as sequins, as does a kind of pearly white. There are also pink sequins.

OK, that leaves pewter. The pewter is the background (fabric) color and to my eye,
 although not to my computer, it reads as a very pale lavender. 
This is a good thing.

Here are views of the jacket, through an iPhone darkly,
slipped over the shirt, and here's the bottom of the skirt.

I have to ask you to trust me on the color of the skirt and jacket, but they really are tones of pale sage green. I now feel sorry for catalog photographers trying to replicate color. In future, I'll try not to complain about misleading color values. The clips on the front of the jacket are some kind of oxidized-looking metal filigree, whatever, they won't be touching skin.

I won't wear any jewelry, as the little stacks of sequins protrude and would catch on chains or necklaces, and the knit is too thin to support pins or broaches. I'll just let the sequins do their job.
The stacks of sequins reminded me of Intergalactic Cauliflower. In a good way, of course.

It turns out my top is the poor relation of this top, which costs about 10 times as much, mine having been grabbed on a 25% promo while the other is sitting around awaiting markdown activity. There's also a pencil skirt, and I think I'd love both pieces with, say, a blush pink leather jacket. Definitely not with the sweatshirt (those little stacks get around!)

The "deluxe" top is made of silk organza and fully lined.  So is the pencil skirt. Obviously the skirt's going to sell slowly, it looks to me like the little stacks of sequins with bead on top could cause indentations resembling weird cellulite if one sat down while wearing the skirt.

And then - I've been saving this for last - while I was hunting for the satin tank that disappeared, I turned up a pair of shoes that I had grabbed at an Anthro sale a few years ago, and tucked away, and kind of lost track of and forgot about. This is the kind of delightful surprise that Marie Kondo will never experience.

Look - shiny lavender! Shiny green! Shiny gold!
In honor of the shoes, I painted my toenails Alchimie.

Of course the original satin tank is still nowhere to be found. 
I wish it well on its journeys.

Oh, right, the Little Top of Ambiguous Colors and Fibers runs true to size.
And the armholes are ok.

OK, so I was going to end the post right there, but then I went to sort out a clutch because my trusty black satchel is obviously not going to cut it. Same anti-Kondo experience:
(it was wrapped up in its sleeper bag,
and I guess ... well, I guess I just
forgot about it. Take that, Ms Kondo!)


as we were leaving it was cold and wet and slippery 
so I didn't wear the cute shoes.


  1. As a full-fledged member of the non-minimalist club I cheer you on your lovely finds in your own closet. I am hoping those beautiful sandals are suggesting that your injury is healing and that you are soon to be sporting these delightful goodies and showing off your pretty pedicure. Of course the snow must end first, at least in these parts. The tank looks lovely and seems to add just the right amount of bling for me. Well done!

    1. thank you, Teacups! I had serious doubts about actually wearing the shoes as I watched the snow pile up last night, and this morning is cold and damp, so I may have to regroup.

    2. May I join the non-minimalist club? I still want to know how you tied your gorgeous scarf, Teacups.

  2. Treasures, all of them!! Now we need the warm weather to go with them.

    1. it snowed heavily last night, this is not what I had in mind when I heard it was going to be the First Day of Spring. I must have misunderstood.

  3. I love it! Love everything about this! You are right - I have been dragging out last season's clothes to see what fit, what I still loved, etc, and was relieved to find some friends of seasons past in the shoes/purse department, shoes and purses are our ever-faithful, and if marie ever gained 20 pounds, she'd know how important it is to have them hiding somewhere, waiting to cheer us up! I think your outfit is divine and look at you with your painted toes! Another storm today; I may eventually have to start shaving my legs....

    1. thank you, Wendy! "The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize," is my mantra as I confront my closet and the under-bed stashes. The human spirit requires decoration.

  4. What beautiful colors for the first day of spring! Now be careful in those shoes as they look a bit tippy-- no new injuries allowed.

    I broke down and watched a couple of Kondo videos; she seems rather sweet, but I don't see her method in my future. The fold procedures interest me, though. And I feel my socks are happy and well-rested.

    1. Wait, it's the First Day of Spring? Ya could have fooled me!

      The shoes have a low wedge, but are rather nekkid, they may have to stay home.

  5. "The only thing that separates us from animals..." lol. I saw the shirt last night, in store, and wondered if it was a match for you. It has a more refined appearance in person than on line. Kudos to be able to wear real shoes again. Can you wear ballet flats to the Confirmation, and change inside. I never wear my "real " shoes outside- not even for work. Too many worn heels from driving and scuffs from steps and sidewalks have cured me, at least in the winter. I don't know if you are taking a car, or walking.
    Have fun!

    1. I dislike the way tees and scarves are shown online. Showing how something looks all twisted or crumpled is not helpful. Even my recent favorite, C2056, is rumpled.

      It looked very wet when we left, and I wound up wearing my second choice. The first choice shoes looked very bare as I stared out the window. And yes, we took taxis both ways.

  6. I have tried to get information beyond "imported." Made with slave labor in China? Please let me know! They can never tell me anything that's not already written in the posting.

    1. Oh, I remember my mom turning clothes inside out to check for the union label.

  7. So your closet obviously has some magical Narnia thing going. May I purchase tickets to tour it?

    1. I had to take the monorail down, it got too crowded, and people were complaining.

  8. This Marie Kondo seems to have taken the world by storm. Everywhere I turn, I hear mention of her book. I seriously doubt I will ever partake, but I do plan to do a purge of the mountain of JC stuff I no longer wear. Anyway, I am glad to hear you never purged the shoes and purse - both are excellent, and the colours of the purse are to die for!!! Also glad to hear that the J. Crew top worked out. The intergalactic cauliflower description is apt (I was originally thinking of the round studs on the Daleks of Dr. Who but yours is better!!). Fingers crossed that spring will come soon so that you have a chance to wear your lovely sandals!

    1. Oh, Louise, I am so ready for Spring. I take no credit for having "saved" the shoes or the purse, I have to admit I forgot about both. I was surprised to see that the purse (an old JC creation) got so little attention when it first appeared, but all the better for me.

      It's dangerous for me to undertake a universal closet purge, it's usually followed by weight gain (if I throw out larger sizes) or loss (opposite), and then I have to restock. My mom's generation never threw out or gave away maternity clothes, the ladies said they believed it was a sure way of a surprise pregnancy. Well, that's what they said, anyway. So if I toss a pair of pants because they're too big, well, we know where that leads.

  9. Oh I loooove the clutch. I see you disagree on the hugeness of the top. Maybe I should just go with the idea that XXS is my size is JCREW tanks, in which case I agree it would be TTS.
    I spent my first day of spring in Paris that I thought cold and not very springy until I received the horrified Insta-tales of snow in NYC. Glad I escaped that!


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