some bunny loves me - coming soon to a sweater near you.

 the New York Times has published these pictures 
of lovely lazy angora rabbits 
just in time to brighten a rainy morning! 
Oh, thank you, Times!

These pictures were taken at a Rabbit Show.
The reporter learned that 
bunnies that are not show quality
are eaten.

hmm, just like human show business.


  1. Save the bunnies! Except angora makes me itch like mad. Am scratching just thinking of it!

    1. Angoras are said to be docile, placid pets. They don't mind being brushed. They just lie around and get groomed. Then someone takes them to a show. The mind teems with obvious similes.

  2. Was into angora in the 80's so it just took me back to my outfit with the rubber bangles!

  3. Lost my comment.
    Angora is the one fiber I can not knit with. It ( or the dander on it) makes my finger tips itch and split.
    Funny parallels you have drawn. Agreed there are many similarities- dumb bunny must have come from somewhere.
    They do rather resemble cranky bedroom slippers...

  4. One of these is definitely a mean bunny; usually it's the little cute dwarf bunnies that are mean-- don;t ask me how I know. We have a lady at our big fall fair who spins the fibers right from the angora bunny on her lap. V. entertaining.


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