what day is it again?

 I'd like to be a lion tamer
Sequins and tights and silk top hats
I know I could be a lion tamer
I've always gotten along with cats

This poster makes me think about raising a family, about being a mother. 
I'd have a whip but never use it
I'd simply hold it in my hand
I'd like to be a lion tamer
If I could be a lion tamer
I would be someone grand

As a matter of fact, so do most of the circus posters - the jugglers, the ringmaster, the overcrowded car driving the same route over and over while little clowns pour out of it, the impossibly balanced acrobats....

I'm not a proponent of holidays that were invented to sell cards and flowers and put stress on restaurants, but it's always nice to be appreciated, and to express appreciation.
Ev'ryone has a special calling
Something that only she can do
so here's to all of us who spend our days and nights 
juggling and balancing, pulling rabbits out of hats 
and keeping the globe spinning.
Which is not to say I don't love the cards and the flowers, of course I do.
Not because it's any special day
Only because they come from you.

The Lion Tamer lyric is from The Magic Show
by Stephen Schwartz. The only version to 
hear is Kristin  Chenoweth's, which you can 
find on YouTube.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Fred! I am a proponent of any day that celebrates me and other mothers! Hope you have a delightful weekend!

    1. And to you, Wendy !
      Upon deeper reflection, I'm absolutely FOR celebrations and festivities, I thing my real problem may be the guilt-laden advertising messages.

  2. I don't know how we did it ( isn't there a book...?). My former self makes my current self tired.

    I was always treated to an imaginative breakfast in bed, usually involving coconut and mandarin oranges, so I will just garden all day and remember that.

    Hope your day is fun and goody-filled!

    1. There isn't a book, if there were I would have bought it for the niece who's so easily overwhelmed. By anything.

      Have a lovely lazy spring day!

  3. Happy Mother's Day WFF! Once again, your ability to find fantastic images and video amazes me.

    1. You, too, KnitYarns!

      Aren't Polish circus posters the best? There are reproductions on Etsy and Zazzle, and originals available at contemporaryposters.com

  4. Happy Mother's Day Fred. It will be an especially happy one for me since my youngest had her own first baby this week! Being a grandma brings much of the joy without nearly as much juggling!

    1. And to you, Teacups! and congratulations on the new arrival, how perfectly lovely.

  5. Yes! Those thick nude colored tights that make your thighs look awesome


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