ready for climate change?

short shorts and a puffer jacket... prepared for anything!


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    1. Is that a power bar she's holding next to her heart?

  2. Ha, well I would totally wear that, actually ::ducking:: My legs never get cold, but my upper body does. Except last year, J. Crew waited way too long to mark down their puffer jackets so I lost interest and bought from another retailer. Some of those puffer jackets are not heavy weight, but you can't tell much from that photo. The catalog calls it the "Shiny Downtown Field Puffer", retailing at $178, poly/down. Seriously, J. Crew, if I want to spend $178 on a mid-weight puffer jacket, I'll buy it from Patagonia.

    1. I suffer from super-cold a/c but generally a sweater or sweatshirt is enough.
      And we all know that by the time I might consider a new puffer for those surprise chilly nights in early fall, that one will be very affordable.

  3. She looks as though she hasn't a clue what season it is, so perhaps that's her confusion. These vacant stares do nothing for me.

  4. I take it you're familiar with the DrunkJCrew tumblr?

  5. Most Londoners dress like this - we have to. New arrivals look bewildered then a few years later "layering" becomes the norm.


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