14 years on


  1. Beautiful and true. Every flag I saw today......(6!) was at half-staff!

    I remember watching those towers fall.....a few hours after the planes hit....and thinking.....
    "the world will never be the same again"!

    A moment of silence.

    Lovely post! Thank you!

  2. Thought of New York and the families all day yesterday. Much love to one of my favourite New Yorkers! The world changed that day.

  3. Fred, I watched the broadcast of the today show from that day yesterday on MSNBC as I had never seen the whole thing ( I was driving to the office from the hospital when the first hit was reported on the radio and everyone thought it so odd on such a clear day...). My nurse kept me updated between patients, but I recall not believing her. ( "Cin, get a hold of yourself, the World Trade Center does not fall down").

  4. I cannot believe that was 14 years ago. I can still recall that morning so clearly. xo


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