liberté, égalité, fraternité, solidarité

of all the places I browse and/or shop, I think J.Crew has consistently produced some of the nicest Paris-themed tees. I omit, of course, those bearing strange quasi-French "sayings," but here are some examples of great tees where one word, or none, is enough. I'd love to see these reissued in grown-up sizes, soon. And with long sleeves.

This one's exuberant celebration of July 14th just says Paris, don't you think? :
Well, there are more, the above are just my selection. To celebrate esprit, wouldn't this be a good time  for some or all of the above to be re-issued, maybe as a mini-collection?


  1. I agree Fred - miss these kinds of shirts!

  2. I definitely agree! These are adorable, so positive and would be so timely.
    I do think often that the girls section should be enlarged for women, they have such cute sparkly stuff

  3. Beautiful. I used to have a Paris sweater of theirs that has long since gone to the moths and I'd love them to revive it.


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