a quick introduction to Gemma Corell

I probably should have said "a tribute to Gemma Corell."
I picture Gemma Corell sitting with pad and sharpie, 
on a tastefully decorated drone that has its GPS set to follow me around 
but is hidden behind a cloud of neuroses 
so that I don't catch her observing my life.

The drone is set to follow me shopping, too.

It looks like Gemma Corell also has observed me ordering lunch.

If I ever finish the libretto for Retail: the opera, I will beseech Gemma Corell to do the set design.


  1. I can only assume that when her drone is not following you it's following me.

  2. Will it be Retail:the opera( a tragicomedy)? I believe I know where to find neon orange sequined slides if your costume designer needs them...I can't wait to see it.
    And these Gemma Corell cartoons are a real find: )

    1. I toyed with calling it The Merchant 👑 Prince for a while, but the drinking songs wouldn't scan. 🍷

  3. Too funny! "Eins zwei drei, lift your stein and drink your crewlade" ....


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