the Iphone and I (a telephone company is a telephone company)

the last time I travelled in Europe the Iphone kept telling me it had no reception. In Paris, in Berlin, in London, no reception. Back in the US, I took it to an Apple store, where I was told all systems were fine, and I had to take it to AT&T. AT&T, of course, first tried to direct me back to the Apple store. When that failed, I was told that sometimes when one was in a remote, distant, mountainous area, reception could be dicey. I pointed out that I had had the same problem in 3 different major European cities. Time wasted while I explained where Berlin is. And I pointed out that I was surrounded by people - including Americans - speaking all kinds of languages on Iphones. Then I left, feeling my boiling point approach.

Tried again, different AT&T location. Same result.

Tried again, different Apple store. Genius (you don't just ask a sales or service rep at Apple, you make an appointment with a Genius) suggested buying a local SIM card upon arrival in Europe and swapping it out for the Apple SIM card. Also stated that he had not just told me this, while showing me how to find & remove SIM card. The whole thing struck me as not a good idea.

I will pass over the hours wasted listening to phone reps read scripts from a call center. I believe that a lot of the problem was they were reading from the wrong page.

Back to AT&T, where capricious Fate took pity upon me and sent Greg. Greg wants to solve your problem, quickly. I added a feature to my AT&T contract which feature can be turned on and off as needed, and will tell Orange (or other local carrier) that it is OK to let your Iphone roam.

Am hopeful but suspicious.

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