second thoughts about the Iphone

Well, one first thought first -- the Iphone is important while travelling because we use it to make/confirm reservations. Naturally.

On to the second thoughts. Decided to double-check the techniques for avoiding data roaming by walking in to the Apple store at 66th and Broadway, New York, and asking still another genius. The advice re: using Iphone in Paris was to turn OFF the 3G network to avoid data roaming charges, and to turn ON wireless in a MacDonald's to check emails.

Oh, thank you, said I, and how do I make phone calls with the 3G turned off?

Trudged home, Iphone is still under service, went to Apple support website and chose the option to have a tech call me.

Bottom line, tech had no idea, but suggested "trying" one or two things. I asked if his suggestions appeared in writing anywhere, like maybe in the Iphone database (which is actually useful if you know the right keywords). Oh, no, said Tech, we don't give written opinions! This led to further unproductive conversation, and finally I asked about the database again. Tech said he didn't know how to access it but would be glad to google it for me. Nuff said.

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