Green velvet dreams

Mmmm green velvet… one spring I was at Woodbury Common, fell into Etro, and saw a very light-weight, silk velvet dress, flutter sleeves, faded paisley print, kind of 1930's silhouette… left it there because while I have a weakness for paisley on velvet, I need dark green, forest green, real green, with my velvet. And I just got off the Ralph Lauren site, lovely sale, lovely dark green velvet dress, v-neck, 30's skirt, started its life at $1200, came to me at $229. Just to be sure checked the UK site. If you ever wondered whether empire is dead! Yes, the UK site is running a sale, but the sale price is £ 297. That comes to $475 US. I did OK. Expecting dress tomorrow or the next day. And just told the computer to learn to spell Etro. Any company that can do summer-weight velvet needs more attention. Oh, and just so you know, the dress is even better without the stupid garrison belt. J.Crew has a lot to answer for.

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