How to force closet cleaning

As usual I am the last to make a great discovery. Goes along with my great gift for stating the obvious. I bought a few new things ("few" is a relative term), and as they are unwrapped and put away, they displace others that have been outgrown, physically, mentally, emotionally. Still love the peculiar tee that I swear Barney's designed for me, and am trying to figure out how to scan it so that if it dies, its design can live on on another tee. Kind of like fashion cryogenics. No, of course Barney's didn't design it for me, but how often do you find a tee shirt that describes you as "lucky with parking spaces" and "reader of small minds"? No illustration yet, computer advises that "an unknown program has taken control of the hardware." Working on it… until the scan problem is solved, this photo from the trusty Iphone will have to do. It's kind of modern palm-reading. Other categories include "photographic memory," "forgets to floss" (tmi?), "will develop esp," "always picked first," and "chronic lateness." All this, and the artist who painted the shirt had never met insufferable me, let alone read my palm. Lovely quality of lightweight cotton knit also.


  1. Love this post... among many others...

    Don't you wish you'd known to buy two+? I never buy two, but thinking on it, I wish I had for a particular tee from about one-two years ago... not quite the total-self-descriptor, but a gorgeous multi-coloured op-art silkscreen done just so. I wore it and loved it enough to think of replicating it myself someday, somehow. Why do whites have to yellow?!

  2. I've read that Jackie Kennedy would buy 6 or 7 of the perfect tee, perfect chinos, loafers, when she found them, or would get the tee in every color. Seems more and more practical and less extravagant as I get older and fussier and manufacturers get cheaper and cheesier.


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