Not really a New Year's resolution, but all in all a good time for restarting.

first to clean up an old issue: the IPhone and I have reached a state of détente. It will work in Europe, without triggering mad wild roaming charges, and I will not ask it to schedule more than one or two things per week. So I have set as its wallpaper an image of a manual telephone dial from the 1940's, because if that's what it wants to be, that's what it should look like.


  1. a - Thrilled you're back. Thrilled. Missed more regular posts from you on JCA.

    b - love the wallpaper. My 3g worked just like that. DH surprised me with a 4 for christmas and it is like a different beast. Of course, I don't even know how to do most of the new features (except the compass. How I love the compass) but everything is lightning fast.

  2. I'm still hoping to get this one housebroken, and get on with my life, because it's really like a recalcitrant child. I KNOW I don't have a hair appt. every day for the rest of 2011. I am NOT Gwyneth Paltrow.

  3. The iphone is an unruly beast. But if anyone can, I'm confident you can show it who's boss.

    I WISH I had a hair appt every day. Or even one day - must schedule stat. Quickly approaching dried cornstalk status.


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