and in case you can't wait for J.Crew PetWear

I've visited J.Crew At The Beach (both of 'em), and these establishments struck me as places you'd stop to pick up a gift on your way to someone's beach house, probably someone with young thin children. Single men with beach houses have all the clever belts and boxers they need. Trust me on this.
I think these stores (J.Crew at the Beach, J.Crew in the Mountains, J.Crew in the Country, J.Crew Freeloading on Someone's Yacht) would benefit from being the stores chosen to introduce J.Crew PetWear. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that in a slow (read: depressed) economy, people will do without their own food or doctor visits to see to the needs of a pet.
And in case you can't wait for preppy petwear with an edge, let me introduce

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