Burgers on my mind (and hips)

Still retaining water from Miami indulgences, and among the nicest and least likely surprises was 8-oz Burger Bar. The owners spared no expense in making the place look like an old and well-worn dive bar/hangout, and the burgers, drinks and sides were generous and terrific! Most importantly, you could get the burger the way you like it, rare, medium rare -- they actually know the difference and cook it that way (drool, drool). Unlike the McDo's wannabe's at 5 Guys, where they tell you everything is cooked medium for legal reasons (c'mon, hasn't their attorney heard of assumption of the risk?) and everything is really cooked dry and well done. Lots of garnishes do not make up for inedible meat. So I was happy to notice that there are several 8-oz Burger Bars to date -- Miami, Los Angeles, and a casino in Louisiana -- and I am hoping that there will be more. But not so many more that they'll hire attorneys who are afraid of rare meat.
Oh, yeah, the retained water -- had to finish an enormous order of crisp salty french fries.

Yum. 8oz Burger Bar, 1080 Alton Road (11th Street), Miami FL 33139, 305.397.8246.

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