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Today we are going to recycle our catalogs into cheerful tropical foliage to brighten dreary February days ( you're on your own for the nights).

My j.crew catalog looks like a good choice -- nice shiny paper and no random body parts. Take 5 or 6 pages from the center and lay flat.

Then roll into a cylinder from one of the shorter ends, and tape the end you're holding.

The next step is to make a series of vertical cuts in the untaped end.

Before cutting

After cutting

OK, now hold on to the taped (uncut) end and with your other hand put one or two fingers down the cut end and work the layers of paper up. If you're using a big catalog -- or W -- this is easy. With smaller catalogs, not so much, but perservere.

Et voilĂ ! Hypo-allergenic tropical foliage.

Very dramatic when done from newspapers in multiples and displayed in cheery red jugs.


  1. Very creative! I may have to do this with my little girls since I have stacks of catalogs. ;-)

  2. Unlike most of my "crafts," this is something that actually works, and it's fun with kids if you use the comic pages. Did it with GF's 5-yr-old once, having convinced him that I was magically creating a Disposable Hairy Spear to Slay Monsters. Not sure that would work a second time….


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