Dim Sum Saturday in Seattle

or shortly outside Seattle, I find it hard to tell where Seattle starts and where it ends, unless there are REALLY LARGE SIGNS. Anyway, younger family members voted for a trip to The Great Wall Mall, which has -- in addition to The Great

Wall, naturally -- a number of smaller food-ish shops, including one that sells spillproof smoothies. I never saw the appeal in these random Baskin-Robbins-like fruit blends; always suspicious that somewhere a mad nutritionist is cackling "and it will keep you astoundingly regular…" Although the spillproof gizmo is awesome.

Lunch ended in a towering stack of little plates and that rare feeling that for once we hadn't missed anything we would have minded missing. My particular favorite this time - shrimp & cilantro steamed dumplings. Still transitioning from Baja, I guess.


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