National Margarita Day!

Of course I had to learn what day today is AFTER leaving Las Ventanas. I would have loved to have celebrated this wonderful holiday in Baja. Never liked Margaritas in the US, always too watery, too chemical, too strangely alcoholic in aroma, lacking in delicious mellow sip quality, too many associations with Jimmy Buffett wanna-bees. But, but, but! Wow, with just the right tequila (not necessary to make a capital investment in booze to which you'll add juice & other flavors -- not talking gin here, talking mixed drinks), freshly picked real limes, real cane syrup… see, even I can learn. I think this holiday should be at least a weekly commemoration. I can do without the salt and the goofy glasses. Straw and good friends OK. Sad side effect: they go right to the hips and thighs. On the other hand, if you have enough, you're too mellow to whine.

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