Unlikely spring trends (I hope)

I didn't want to rush over to the woman in top-to-toe j.crew and ask if I could snap her thighs, knees and ankles. That would be weird. So here are catalog shots of at least the top layer

of what she was wearing on a cold (33•) and windy (35 mph) day in downtown Seattle.

And, yes, she had effortlessly substituted twilight and bright stormy goosebumps for the wooly tights that a catalog stylist might have chosen. No hat.

Other Seattle styling notes: observed JC pajama bottoms with sweatshirts in more than one hotel dining room of a morning. On women. Once with 4-inch heels. Cobain chortling from his messy grave? Mercifully, no pictures.

These are from SAM, Seattle art museum,

and I think I've found my spring inspiration.

Beads, quills, feathers, no sequins. And some substantial jewelry made of real gold.

No mystery about this metal!


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