One Market, San Francisco

Friday night, long flight, quick shower, magnificent dinner at an all-time favorite, One Market.

Despite the size (large) and the location (bustling commercial area necessitating bar scene, business lunches etc), staff are warm and welcoming, and the dining room is airy and comfortable.

Well, what didn't we eat? Started with Parsley Root Soup with rock shrimp dumpling and meyer lemon. Then we celebrated the dungeness crab festival: I had Dungeness crab "Louis" (a very fresh and grown-up version of the old classic),

and Himself had a citrus-y Dungeness crab salad with hearts of palm. Umm, let's see, then roasted day-boat scallops...

and then I had an amazing hot foie gras dish. The foie gras was seared and served with wood-ear mushrooms in a bonito consommé, surprising to me but a great combination. And Himself had house-smoked beef tongue, v. thinly sliced and delicate. Next came ravioli of goat. Then, just as we thought we might be weakening, sturgeon. This was roasted, and accompanied by green lentils, smoked onion and crispy pork skin. Fabulous. At this point we begged for mercy. Finished with a teeny taste of a few desserts and some real coffee, and collapsed.

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  1. I so love 'one' addresses, like One Wilshire Blvd etc... maybe I will have to check this place out next time I'm back in SF!


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