Wellfedfred resists a bargain

Showing admirable strength of character, when I checked the J.Crew sale this morning, I refrained from clicking on this item:

It's the Plumage Mini, recently marked down from $995 to $699.99. Oh, let's call it $700. And, and, there's another 30% off so it would come to, um, $420 before tax.

Did I mention it's available in two colorways? This is from the JC website, showing it on the model, where it's supposed to look

The accompanying copy claims that it has been the season's obsession of the J. Crew design team. Poor dears. Isn't there medication for that?


  1. That is just too hilarious. Makes you wonder if they're pumping something into the air at 770 Broadway.

  2. I actually saw this FP at the Collection Store. It's even better IRL, only what would you do with it? Where could you wear it? Why would you bother?

  3. I know how you've been lusting after it. And really, where couldn't you wear it? To the grocery store, to pick up the kids (with sky-high heels), making dinner, yoga...well, maybe not yoga.


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