the bag I've dreamed about

Haven't been able to get near stores, living on takeout, crazed with paperwork, wanted to share this:
At last I can carry this bag without causing my French friends to wonder whether there's an older man making an investment in me (LOL, read Le Divorce). It's produced by a company called Thursday/Friday, and to noone's surprise, has been on backorder since it appeared. Loki, god of the internet and all things electronic, was pestering someone else the day I ordered it. It arrived about a month ago and having tested it thoroughly, I now report:
  • good size for a tote
  • sturdy, lined, useful interior pocket
  • design is on all 4 sides and bottom!
  • design appears to be laminated on fabric, not inkstamped
  • 3 colors, red, blue, caramel
  • almost forgot: the price is right! $35. Yes. Thirty-five. Dollars. American.

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