manque d'audace

Quiet day, gray weather, trying to avoid stores, and finally at night we ran to the Roundabout Theatre's production of The Importance of Being Ernest, with Brian Bedford as Lady Bracknell. This is how you can tell that a production is truly exquisitely

done: you know the play by heart and you still laugh. Amazing that they could still make it seem new, but they did. And Brian Bedford was wonderful, played the part seriously, with voice and intonations like a baritone Julia Child. We left smiling.

Two seats from me sat (sprawled), all in black except for the heavy (and real, depressing how easily one can tell) gold jewelry, DVF herself. Alive, in person, blonder than ever. Well, the play had 3 acts, thus 2 intermissions, and during neither could I find the nerve to say “J'adore votre oeuvre.” Not even, in the words of that wonderful commercial, “J”admire votre baignoire.” But oh, I do, I do.

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