give me Liberty or give me - um, leather?

Went shopping! Spring has got to arrive sometime, right? Here's what I looked at / handled / weighed/ tried on:

Liberty print perfect shirts, several prints. Liberty has several grades of fabric and these feel like Liberty's lovely Tana Lawn, which would explain why the shirts are so expensive. I will definitely grab me one or more of these - on a promo that I will learn about from JCA ;)

Other Liberty accessories. In principle I'm glad to see these back. Liberty's Ground Floor used to be coming down with this stuff, souvenirs of a visit to Liberty that people wouldn't let them stop selling. It's not a trip to London unless you buy something in a little floral print whilst gawping at the wonderful paneling. And I am glad that JC doesn't (yet) offer Liberty print needle cases, even though Liberty does. Good call, JC. How about some Liberty magic wallets?. Hm, not sure I'd pay list for the shoes. Already have wedge oxfords in a pink mini-floral print that I picked up from UO last spring and they're still hanging on. Might treat them to pink or lime shoelaces. Check out Liberty of London's own offerings at

What else -- the new blue colors in the cashmeres were delicious! The minis were minis ('nuff said), and there were lots of flats with really cute decorative accents at the toe, which inspired a search for "shoe clips" on Etsy. The idea of the shoe clip is that if you have, say, plain black suede sling-backs, you wear them to work with your black jacket and skirt work clothes, and just before you leave, change your work blouse for a satin tank and you add fooffy shoe clips to the toes of your shoes. A friend used to keep a quick-change box with this equipment in her file drawer, that's how I remembered about shoe clips.

Studded sweater is back, and as some knowledgeable JCAs have pointed out, the knit is lovely and the studs are lightweight and sewn on so they don't scratch. I wish I didn't have so many striped things and I promised Himself no more mustard-color clothes. I'd love to see this knit in a bunch of other inspirations, though, so loved it but left it.

Bathing suits. Always a very personal decision, we don't discuss deeply disturbing experiences like war, home fires, job loss and experiences trying on bathing suits in front of children. The large flower print is lovely, not quite as entrancing in the swimsuit jersey as it is in the silk scarf. In fact, maybe it's not quite the same print? Oh, and they got the paisley right! You go, J.Crew.

Finally, The Jean Shop Western Shirt, 44211, was in the Collection Store in a few sizes. It was sold out online for quite a while, then popped back in XS. I tried it on instore. It's VERY heavy - in weight, not warmth. The website description says it will stretch out to fit over the years. Not sure what this means if you want to wear it sooner. Moreover, I don't think this means it will get

longer, at sleeves or at hem, where I think it's skimpy, although I could see a really petite girl who is used to weight-lifting looking great in this. If you wear this and carry the Exhibitor Tote, you could save a bundle on gym fees.


  1. Thank you for the reviews. The review of the Liberty fabric was particularly helpful. Please keep up your posts. I am not a New Yorker so I find them very interesting and check everyday for updates!

    Southern Belle Ph.D.

  2. Wellfedfred,

    Since you were in the Collections store recently, I was wondering if you could review the Thomas Mason shirts for me. I purchased the black and white check TM shirt last Fall when JC began removing them from the website, returning them, and then removing them yet again. I like the shirt, particularly the French cuffs, but it was not the one I actually wanted. I am considering the blue tux TM shirt but would appreciate your view on the quality of these shirts considering the cost. I read the JCA blog daily but do not participate there. I have read only one comment about these shirts and it was positive. I would really appreciate your opinion if you have had an opportunity to look at them or if you own one.

    Thank you very much!

    Southern Belle Ph.D.

  3. SBPhD, I haven't focused on shirts lately, so don't have anything to offer right now. However I will be passing by Collection or Fifth Ave stores in a few days, and will take a look! You might also want to look at Charles Tyrwhitt on line, or at Pink, for ideas.

  4. WFF,

    Thank you for your suggestions. I will be sure to check them out today. I would also appreciate your take on the Thomas Mason shirts if you indeed have the opportunity to visit a JC store.

    Thanks again so very much!



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