now you see it, now you don't - a clothing review

The Knit Sequin Fleur Dress has come and gone from the J.Crew website for at least a year. On its maiden appearance, the description stated that only a few were made. Then it was sold out. Then it was back, in a few random sizes. Then it vanished without comment. Rinse and repeat. Most recently, it popped up in the sale section last week in a full range of sizes! It's vanished again, but it may return, so here's the review.

My friend who claims never to shop and I both tried it on when it first appeared in collection store. She's the one who always blames me for strange misadventures which honestly could happen to anyone.

I went first. This dress was designed by my worst enemy. It's the Jeweled Jardin Jacket's ugly stepsister, is the best way I can describe it, and I truly love my JJJacket, having finally figured out that I had to size up the JJJ 2 sizes to get it to flow & drape. This dress, not so much. The knit fabric is very clingy and also quite heavy both in weight and in thickness, and the flower decorations are intermittently and (for me, anyway) awkwardly and embarrassingly placed, particularly those on the chest. Even elsewhere my regular bumps, lumps and bulges were most unfortunately highlighted by the floral sparkly things. Sizing up made it look like folkloric upholstery, and sizing down was not an option for reasons of health and safety. BTW, the SA who suggested that a cami, jean jacket, shorts, boots and belt might make it work is no longer at the store.

FWCNTS went next. She got into it with no trouble, but scraped her neck and forehead on a stray floral effect getting out. This was NOT MY FAULT. Who gains weight on their forehead?

Anyway I'm not sure who would enjoy this dress. Even at the markdown price plus a promo, it's something you could only wear once or twice, because unless you are very slender and streamlined in build, this dress is too memorable. It wears you, not the other way around. But I must say the dress looked great on the hanger, so if your favorite charity is having a house tour that features interesting closets, you might want this hanging near the closet door.

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