the real reasons French women don't get fat

Well, since you asked:

1. French women have tiny refrigerators. A refrigerator à l'Américaine is a rarity in a French home. So they do not keep lots and lots of food in the house. They buy what they need when they need it. ( In France you don't have to buy food you don't need. If you only need one slice of ham and two slices of salami, the charcutier is happy to sell it to you. So is the lady at the deli counter in the Supermarché.)

2. French women's favorite mineral water is Badoit. It has a very high magnesium content. Magnesium, you may recall from high school chemistry, is the active ingredient in Milk of Magnesia. Mm-hmm.

3. Even though the days of the cute French girl in scarf and awful shoes riding bike to work are almost gone, there is a lot of walking and stair-climbing going on in French cities, much more so than in U.S. cities. Many fewer elevators, you see.

4. They still smoke. Secretly, if necessary, but they smoke.

Any questions?

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