romper report - oh, no, not again

you know how you never notice something and suddenly it's everywhere? artificially flavored coffee "creamer" comes to mind, the bare inch or two of tummy in the winter of a few years back, and now it's the romper for grownups. Innocently pounding through a favorite website for new markdowns, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but still another romper? And this one will need ironing, no less. "Crisp white cotton." It zips up the front. Suggested for evening wear with high, high heels and stacks of jewelry. J.Crew # 36808. Enough already. I will not be infantilized. I will not go around looking like I broke into the dress-up box. Well, I may reconsider if someone gives me a tiara... . Do you see yourself in a onesie? Do you see yourself in a onesie in booth in a ladies' room at an event? No kidding.


  1. I know! I can't believe it they're everywhere!
    What about the Madewell site, it's RomperVille over there.

  2. "Do you see yourself in a onesie in booth in a ladies' room at an event?" No way & no kidding! Have you seen the rest of the romper options? There are short sleeves & long, silk sleeves. Depending on the length of the top (& sleeves!) you have to worry about it skimming the bathroom floor. Eeeuuww! As if we ladies don't have enough hassles to deal w/in the stall!

  3. ranted about rompers in a discussion of the April JC catalog posted Monday; there's a woolly one, a couple of silk ones -- who thinks this stuff up? and why do they get paid? and why is there no respite at Madewell?

  4. No one should ever wear a romper, period! UGH!!! I can't wait for this trend to go away.


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