the tank that tanked

the cashmere tank has popped up on the JCrew sale site again, and since I've had it home and returned it in several sizes and at several prices, I thought I'd review it. Oops, maybe I just did. Let me add that I like the concept of something soft and lightweight to put under a velvet jacket or over a long skirt of a winter evening, and I have been hanging on to two from RL for years, one in deepest gray and the other in deepest wine. Great for overheated restaurants, where you want a little glam at table in overheated room, but don't know where or how the evening might end.

Oh, and think what you like about extravagant lifestyles, when you can produce cashmere sweaters that last for years and DO NOT PILL, you are welcome to all the real estate, horses and antiques you crave. Go, Ralph.

Ok, back to the JC tank. Sizing inconsistent, thickness/thinness inconsistent and often close to transparent, pinkish color too close to a flesh-tone for my planned use. Very careful choice of bra required for both colors, so IMO not suitable for jumping at last-minute invitations. Price: even on sale, they have a nerve. But you knew that.


  1. Thanks for the review. I haven't bought J.Crew cashmere for a few years, the last piece I bought was a cardigan that pilled so badly it had my boobs looking like a couple of furry muppets by lunchtime.

    I go to Brooks Brothers for cashmere now. I've got some from RL that is standing the test of time. I would like to get more RL but last time I checked they did not ship to Canada and whenever I'm stateside I have too many other things on my list.

  2. xoxo, I'd laugh but for the fact that those muppets have come to my house also. Have been seeking a craft project that will utilize cashmere fuzz...

  3. Southern Belle Ph.D.March 7, 2011 at 9:40 AM


    Thank you very much for this post. I had also been considering this tank as it has such potential in one's wardrobe. I own four RL cashmere tanks from about four years ago and they are much more substantial than this tank, per your review. I must pass on this tank. Just as xoxo has done, I have also turned to Brooks Brothers for my cashmere needs. JC cashmere is now very thin and scratchy!


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