Thoughts for the day

I have enough striped shirts.
I have enough pink sweaters.
I have enough pink-ish sweaters.
I have enough beige and taupe sweaters that think they are pink.

I have enough sweatshirts with hoods.
I have enough sweatshirts without hoods.

I really have enough striped shirts. Seriously.

OK, now I am ready to check out the reopened JCrew flagship. Conveniently located just a toddle from Anthropologie. Oh, right.
I have enough dishtowels.


  1. Thanks for the laugh dear WFF! I hope your excursion was successful and that you were able to leave the striped shirts at the store.

    Last night, DH told me I have enough grey shirts and camis. Must keep repeating to self...

  2. oh, right, also have enough grey tees. Whew, that was close!

  3. I don't know if I should do this to you...but I'm gonna. Try searching "Stripe" on JC's site... I came up with 19 striped tees and tanks.

    I walked past F21 couple weeks ago, the stripe monster threw up there, almost half the store was striped this and that.

    Not enabling, mmmkay?


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