maybe this won't replace the cheese ball after all ...

lordy, I'm dangerous since I learned to do this on the Iphone! In 7th grade I was forced to take a semester of Home Ec, where I learned not to sigh loudly while the teacher was talking. This did not go well. Teacher's favorite recipe was for an "appetizer" called Candle Salad: leaf of iceberg lettuce, topped with half a banana (pointed side up) on a pineapple ring, banana then topped with half a maraschino cherry. Made it for parents to demonstrate my suffering and after some negotiation with authorities was allowed to substitute Tutoring ESL Kids, where I learned some useful words. Anyway, here is a link to a recipe
for a really cute appetizer, and while I have absolutely NO intention of making it, I hope it brightens your day as it has mine.


  1. That's hilarious! But who would want to eat such a cute penguin?

  2. Hahahah. So cute... some people's imaginations...


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