Toemaggeddon - Jon Stewart's take

Here's a link to Jon Stewart's take on the pink toenail thing: toenails

I guess if you don't like Jon Stewart, you won't like this either.

Tomorrow: report on early evening visit to the newly redone JC store on lower Fifth Avenue.

Update: I'm getting bored with toenails and need to get self ready for the Royal Wedding in case my invitation arrives (even if it's late, I'll understand, so I want to be prepared) - so to have time primping and fussing, I'm closing comments on this thread. BTW in honour of the wedding I am painting my own personal toenails British Racing Green, a glorious colour made by Butter London.


  1. Thanks for the link and the post on the toenail polish. I think Stewart said it all and said it well. I'll take a boy with a loving toenail painting mother over an univolved mother any day of the week. I wonder if there would have been as much talk if she was using black nail polish? My nephew's favorite color is pink and we play dress up and so what. His sister is "tom boy". I love that his parents embrace them as creative little children without any form of disapproval. They are VERY lucky children !

  2. Co-me-dy! Jon Stewart is hysterical. Loved seeing Liddell. I'm glad J Crew is not responding to this. I think that's the smart thing to do. There's no meaningful dialogue with certain folks on this topic.

  3. I don't know what the fuss is about. Blame it on Fox News. Seriously, I love it when I see a MAN wear a pink shirt or pink tie, so eye catching. When I went to London a few years back, every bloke in a suit wore a pastel shirt and tie...I saw pink, lavender, mint, baby blue, yellow... I love Jenna's expression in the shot, clearly here's a mom that loves her child.

  4. Southern Belle Ph.D.April 15, 2011 at 9:28 AM

    WFF, Thank you for posting this. From reading the JCA blog when this subject was posted, one would have assumed that Fox News was the only news organization reporting on this topic. Obviously that was not the case. Why is everyone jumping all over Fox News??? Never mind, I know.


  5. Did any media outlet other than FOX invite purported experts claiming harmful effects of painting a boy's toenails? The other media outlets simply reported the controversy.

    I was going to say that I wish Liddell would give A-Blow a smackdown, but I think all Liddell would need to do is just stare into A-Blow's eyes to cause A-Blow to pee his pants in fear.