wedding update -travel arrangements

have booked overnight flight (and return) from Newark Airport to LHR, will arrive tomorrow morning, and given expected traffic into town from airport, will be at hotel in time to rest.  High cost of transport precludes fine dining; plan to subsist on Pret-à-Manger sandwiches. Also precludes further major investment in outfit. Picked up gloves last night. Note that my jacket did not photograph well, it's a pale golden peach that tones in nicely with the yellow background of the dress. First thing this a.m., visited M&J Trimmings on Sixth Avenue at (about) 38th Street, which is one of the best places in town to pick up ornamentation for wearables and stuff to attach with. My elderly gentlewomen advisors have counseled against fascinators, but I can decide at last minute: bringing a clip (fascinator base) as well as an off-the-face straw hat, and will spend Thursday afternoon neurotically adding/subtracting flowers, feathers, leaves and small creatures first from one, then the other.

Here is how to make a fascinator:

Now to close carry-on, count to 10, and head for Port Authority Bus Terminal for cheap shuttle bus to airport. I meant it about the cost of those tickets (just because my invitation arrived by unusual means doesn't mean I can sprout wings and flutter overseas!)

Oh, and I put a mobile blogging app on my Iphone, so you may see some bulletins from The Smoke (note old-fashioned British usage).

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  1. Are you going to do a dining review of the crush? You must post photos of your fascinator as well. I wore one for a very formal wedding a couple of years ago and my OCD took over, I was checking the darn thing constantly to make sure it wouldn't fall off. DH kept giving me the "stop touching that stupid hat" look. :^P


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