London at last!

What a scene! I am a wreck from the flight! Expected extra security and crowds Passport Control, but they were completely overwhelmed, and I guess one thing about looking old and tired (from the flight!  from the flight! plus I am retaining water from some weird kind of airline food-substitute party mix) is that you also look Highly Respectable. So when I hemmed and hawed about where I was staying, they didn't blink, just waved me on.

Actually I am crashing with a friend who always stays at an hotel (note British usage) just across the street from Harvey Nichols. As if I'd be able to shop in this excitement. Here is a shot from the hotel window. Fortunately she arrived yesterday so she just met me in the lobby and walked me up. I will have the sofa, which is more than I had hoped for. 

Now must get unpacked, fast refreshing shower,  and a little snooze before it's time to roll! I could wish for more time here, but the city is so full of celebrators that most of the time would be spent standing in queues (more British usage).  Will just have a jellybean, arrange headgear doodads for final cull, and relax.


  1. British usage! Ha!
    You sound very excited, I am worried about those jelly beans. Have something a bit nutritious instead.

  2. How exciting! And across the way from Harvey Nix! I'd pop in there even if I have to hire someone to stand in queue for me while I browse. Have a great time.

  3. Do tell, how did the head doodads turn out? Smashing (note the British useage), I'm sure.


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