looking again at things I may stalk

a few pieces of interest on the J.Crew website:

short/long desc
no. 44054, a cute black-and-white blouse described variously as Product Short Description and Product Long Desc. in Shirts and Tops and as Secretary Blouse in the Collection Section. The short and long of it is, if this is made of cotton or even silk, it could be a lovely summer-to-transitional item. I see it with white slacks or a long white skirt now, with a black pencil skirt in late August, and with red (not orange) skirt or slacks in the fall. I would definitely not wear it with that absurd parody of lederhosen shown on the website.
Sidewalk blazer

no. 42624, Sidewalk Blazer, double-breasted cotton & linen blazer in a blue-gray glen plaid. It's shown with matching shorts, which is not a look I see going anywhere, but separately, each piece is nice. Would like the jacket with one less row of buttons, over gray linen cuffed slacks.

The Soiree Skirt, 44362, right, is a floral print silk chiffon skirt with pleats. I can't really tell from the photo how long this is, and the rear view photo makes me think it might be skimpy on. Also possibly too short. If not, it could be lovely and romantic. On the negative side, the Plaid Swing Skirt, 43652, left, looks like a late delivery from this past December holiday season with the forgettable tinsel and foil puffy minis and bells and "flattering" gathered waistlines. Oh please.

Also loving 43031, the long Flora skirt. Really I am. And not a moment too soon. But I'd wear it with a lightweight cotton knit top, tee, tank, and tie it up a little more snugly... I don't like the look of a wardrobe malfunction about to happen.

And sadly, the Nili Lotan maxidress in white gauze appears to be sold out already. This was a beach coverup, and looks like a streamlined version of what was called a caftan in olden times, the best and most comfortable thing to throw on on the beach. I liked the looks of it and would happily have tried it on. Failing that, I may poke around vintage shops for an old gauzy cotton caftan. Looks like it may be a hot summer.


  1. I also like that blazer, but with the shorts it's a bit much.
    Funny I'm not seeing anything I have to have these days.
    That Nila Lotan caftan is a good one. Fitted through the arms and simple lines so it doesn't look all Mrs. Roper.

  2. DaniBP, yes, it's a shame it's not anywhere it can be tried on..


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