rompers everywhere - avert your eyes! plus the JCrew factory handbags, an incipient danger for travellers

We've discussed the "onesie for adults" a few times, and I now feel obligated to warn adult and near-adult women of a trendlet which will does not seem to be going away soon enough. I was pleased (yes, I know this is small, but that's how I felt) to see rompers marked down on the J.Crew website, so imagine my refined cries of horror when I opened an e-mail from Lands' End Canvas. They were delighted to advise me that a "classic" chambray romper is now available at their site. This is not a happy development. It is item no. 40333-3X71, for $59.50 (before any promos). In the interests of fashion integrity I am not providing a link.

Out of morbid curiosity, I checked Nordstrom's site - 27 "adult" rompers came up, but this included a few jumpsuit/catsuit thingies, and Bloomingdale's site - 47 "adult" rompers, also including a few (only a few) jumpsuit/catsuits. 

Where on earth would one wear a silk romper with built-in bra cups (Nordies)? To make a presentation on currency conversion fluctuations before the IMF? Please share...

Oh, and this weekend my curiosity got the better of me and I popped into my friendly neighborhood Crewlet to look at the Factory handbags. Not a good idea, J.Crew. The proportions aren't terrible, but the leather doesn't really feel or look like leather, and the cream- or ivory-colored fabric straps on some items are a disaster in waiting. At best, they'll attract dirt and grime, at worst, pickpockets of the "slash-and-grab" variety.


  1. FORTY SEVEN adult rompers at Bloomies??? And some are in the nearly 300 dollar range?? My word verification is 'sorre'. Indeed.

  2. I will NEVER wear a romper... I know that much. LOL

    I am done bag shopping with JC unless I can see the item up close, like with the Rhodie satchel I got. So far I sent back a Marquee tote that started disintegrating after 1 month of wear, a Lockwood hobo that seemed like it would get scratched and dirty the moment I took it out of the house, and a Madewell scholar satchel that was well, underwhelming. Returning items is such a PITA that I would rather not order the item in the first place any more. I can only imagine how bad the Factory bags must be.

  3. I don't have the figure to wear a romper and at an age with two little girls I don't want to walk around with something that they don't even wear since 12 mos of age!
    It's fascinating how people would wear something that looks awful on them for the sake of being fashion-able?!

    As for the Factory bags... I'm not impressed at all. I've also been burned by retail JCrew bags not holding up. I can only imagine the poor Factory bag quality. I mean why waste valuable resources for disposable items that will end up in landfills in few months? I see how JCrew wants to expand and make $$ and all, but they really have to see the bigger picture and think more green.

  4. I thought that when people didn't buy the rompers -- after all, look how quickly the JC rompers were marked down -- the retailers would get the message. Apparently it takes more than one season of unsold, returned goods. Pity.

    And, although I don't buy them, I've seen better quality handbags at street vendors.


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