what do you call a Canadienne who complains about prices?

well, I was reading comments on the JCA blog and this appeared.


  1. Ha,that is brilliant!

    Edinburgh is like an old film set isn't it? You know I've never been out in the streets for the big party at Homanay but I might just do it this year.

  2. Hi, Tabitha! Think it was Evelyn Waugh who translated Hogmanay as "people throwin up in the streets." So don't wear good shoes if you go.

    Hi, LR, my all-time favorite WV was angst. Couldn't get it to let me copy it, though. Thought it was perfect for NY on the day I was having.

  3. Excellent!
    Fred that's it I name you an Honorary Canadian.

  4. Hi,mommydearest, tee hee.

    Wow, Dani, does this mean I will have nicer manners and be more law-abiding?

  5. Yes, and I was going to tell you about the bilingual benefit but you already speak French!
    You're also going to be able to drink beer like nobody's business. Aren't you happy?

  6. (burp)
    Mmmmm. Poutine.
    I will also be larger.


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