september song

September... back to school, back to work, treading grapes, marking time... wondering what fits from last fall and last winter, and guess what? Time to get on the road again. Something about the change in seasons makes it impossible for Himself to stay put. The maps, the books, the notes are all over the dining room table. I would like to say that aesthetic and historical factors determine where we go, but we all know better than that. Factors: cheap fares, airline mileage, and so many restaurants, so little time.


  1. I think you will like this quote from EB White:
    " I have just painted a pair of oars(French gray) and the existence of New York seems questionable. The tides run in and out, clams blow tiny jets of seawater up through the mud, a white line of fog hangs around the outer islands, days tumble along in cool blue succession, and I hste the word September."

    Brilliant. Italy soon.


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